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Puckett's Detailing and Supplies was set up 15 years ago to fill a gap in the local market in Gainesville, GA for a top quality auto detailing service.  We recognized the importance of keeping vehicles in pristine condition and had the specialist skills to provide an efficient and cost-effective service and so we opened our doors and haven’t looked back since!

It’s not just about the paintwork when it comes to professional auto detailing – we’re a whole lot more than just a posh car wash!  We get into the engine and under the chassis and into every nook and cranny ridding everything from grime and dirt your vehicle has picked up during daily use on the roads.  We get your vehicle so completely clean that it looks and feels like new and we also help protect the paintwork and engine components using specialist products to finish the job.

We take considerable pride in the quality of our service and our in-house quality control has very strict standards!  We constantly strive to deliver results that meet your full approval and the fact we have grown so considerably over years is testament to the quality of our services.  Customer service is of top importance to us and we always ensure you are fully satisfied with the results of our labors.  We enjoy delivering perfect cleans that can’t be criticized and you’ll be delighted that we do!

If you are in Gainesville, GA and are looking for a top quality service that cleans every inch of your vehicle, contact Puckett's Detailing and Supplies for the very best service.  We’re offering you 10% off your first order and our rates are affordable so there’s no excuse!  Keep your vehicle looking sharp with a professional and precision clean and you’ll think you just purchased it all over again!

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